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Nadeem Split Ac service in Lahore are best and leading split AC repair Service provider in the main city and  financial hub  of Lahore, Pakistan. Nadeem split ac service in Lahore is a professional company mainly engaged in AC Service of all reputed brands. Our company is known for its first-rate quality reputation, reasonable price, and perfect services in Lahore, Pakistan.

Technical repair service for electrical appliances Lahore . We offer free travel, working from Monday to Sunday and also covering most holidays of the year.

Our guarantee is the thousands of clients who have trusted us and we have been able to obtain their smile as a reward. We have a fleet of technicians specialized in all types of appliances, repairing all the brands and models that exist in the market. We fix both domestic and industrial appliances, so we offer our work to homes and all types of premises and businesses.

For fear of high prices, many people are delaying the time to repair their device. However, we break the market with our cheap budgets, making sure they are accessible to all who need a fix. In addition to offering low prices, work quickly enough to cover all the notices that come to us every day. Different devices can have a vital importance inside the home or in the activity of a local or business. That’s why we always give the first available appointment when you call us, trying to make it during the same day we receive your call.

Major Service we offer


Whenever you need to repair your air conditioner , be it duct, split, cassette, industrial, portable or water cooled, you can contact us.

Air conditioner installation

Whenever you need a quote for an air conditioning installation you can call us or send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Technical Service Air Conditioning

In our company we have a qualified technical air conditioning service , for this reason we will always give you the guarantee of our work in writing.

Portable air conditioners

We also have repairers of portable air conditioners whether they are extruded or with a backpack.

Why we of Air Conditioner Repair Lahore

We combine the quality of execution, the superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with a service

  • Written guarantee
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Maintenance Contract
  • 24 hour service
  • In less than 24 hours a technician will be at your home
  • Satisfied customer, safe recommendation.

If you need a installation service,  repair, or maintenance service do not hesitate, call us at 0321-4945209 or 0300-4422036 . You will see that for much less money than you imagine, and faster than you think for Nadeem Split Ac service in Lahore

Split Ac service in Lahore
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